The World Class Exhibition Tradition

A project of the Mississippi Commission for International Cultural Exchange, Inc., a

501(c) (3) cultural and educational organization, the Mississippi International Arts Pavilion will continue the tradition of presenting world-class international art exhibitions in the manner of previous exhibition projects such as Palaces of St. Petersburg: Russian Imperial Style; Splendors of Versailles; The Majesty of Spain: Royal Collections from the Museo del Prado & Patrimonio Nacional; and The Glory of Baroque Dresden. These exhibitions attracted over 1.3 million visitors and generated approximately $200 million in economic impact.

A Timeless Experience

MSIAP will provide visitors with the opportunity to view world-class art in a classically-inspired architectural setting.

Designed by the architectural firm of JHBM Architects, the classical MSIAP building features a noble exterior clad in Indiana limestone with a welcoming portico marked by four Ionic columns. The pavilion is set back from the street allowing for the design of a plaza, which will be developed into an outdoor sculpture garden. A low dome of copper with a gilded classical decorative crown further identifies the grand building.

A columned Grand Entry Hall will welcome visitors and lead into the most magnificent space in the pavilion: the Great Rotunda. Encircled by columns, this breathtaking space will awe the many visitors with its architectural and decorative splendor. This space will be the scene of many important and memorable events.

The south wing of the main level will house the 10,000 sq. ft. International Exhibition Hall for changing exhibitions. The north wing of the pavilion will house approximately ten galleries, including the permanent installation of spectacular period room creations owned by the Mississippi Commission for International Cultural Exchange from previous exhibitions.

Among the highlights of the period rooms is the only copy, deemed the “Mississippi Copy,” of the greatest room in the world made of porcelain…the Porcelain Room from the Royal Palace of Aranjuez in Spain. Other galleries in the north wing of the main level include: the Stucco Hall from the Casita of the Prince, El Pardo, Spain; the Lantern Study from Pavlovsk Palace and the Throne Room from Gatchina Palace, both from Russia; the Dresden Gallery, featuring a replica (45 ft. x 15 ft.) of the original ceiling painting of the Audience Hall of the Dresden Residence Palace. The Asian Gallery, the European Gallery, the Mississippi Gallery, the Civil War Gallery and the Boehm Porcelain Gallery complete a wide array of permanent galleries.

A 250-seat auditorium/recital hall will be located on the lower level and will be utilized for films, lectures, chamber music and educational events. A restaurant and gift shop on the main level will serve to ensure the enjoyment of a visit to the Mississippi International Arts Pavilion.

Vicksburg: History and Culture...Continued

Vicksburg adds another rich chapter to its list of plaudits with the creation of the Mississippi International Arts Pavilion.

Located mid-way between Dallas/Ft. Worth and Atlanta on the Interstate 20 corridor, Vicksburg holds the potential to attract even more visitors from the U.S. and abroad, adding economic benefit to the long-established Vicksburg tourism industry. In addition, music enthusiasts who come to Mississippi, “the birthplace of American music,” will find this international attraction an added feature of their visit to Vicksburg. Civil War enthusiasts and overnight Mississippi riverboat passengers will add to their Vicksburg visit a world-class cultural offering.